Edit request while approval


I’m working on my first “real” automation stuff in ManageIQ and I’m a bit confused.

According this documentation , approval form should contain “Edit the original provision request” button, but I can see only Approve, Cancel and Delete buttons.

I’m calling the approval process by:

Have I missed something?


@maaca Chapter 12 & 18 in this book might help with understanding the approval process: https://access.redhat.com/mastering-cloudforms-automation

Thank you. I have understood that it should be VM provisioning instead of Service provision to be able to edit the request.

But I still can’t edit it. I can only Copy, Approve or Deny the request.
What I could have overlooked/missed?

Edit: Requester can edit it, but approver not…


I haven’t spent much time on editing requests so I am not 100% sure of the behavior. I just did the following test on CloudForms 4.1 (Darga).

  1. I went into the Automate model and edited the Default instance of the ProvisionRequestApproval class and set ValidateRequest On Entry to pending_request to force it into a pending state.
  2. I did Lifecycle | Provision VM request as the super administrator.
  3. I went into the request as the super administrator and I had the option to edit the request.

If you do not see the edit link I would tend to think one a few things could be happening.

  1. The request is getting past the auto approval steps before you are setting it back to pending. If it has already kicked of provisioning tasks then I assume it won’t be editable any more.
  2. Perhaps it is a permissions issue. I would check to see if you can edit it as a super administrator. From there you can see if this is a permission you can grant or if this group has special access.


Yes, this scenario works. If I create request as super administrator, then I can edit it as super administrator.

But, If I create request as normal user and want to review it as super administrator, I can only copy it to new request and edit the new one, but can’t edit the original one.