Edit service template from API


I need to be able to edit service template with a dynamic way to change associate dialog cause we have lot of service template and dialog. Every time I import new dialog version in my automate/customization, relation between dialog and service template is lost and I need to remap each dialog to service template.

Using the api and calling https://miqurl:443/api/service_catalogs/id/service_templates/id with below request below request:
{“action”: “edit”,
“resource”: {
I get following error:
“Unimplemented Action edit for service_templates resources”

I’m using fine at the moment. Do you know if this will be fixed soon? Any other way to map dialog and service_template with script?

Ok I found it.
It’s not possible to edit service templates using following url:
But I can edit them using https://miqurl:443/api/service_templates/id

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