Embedded Ansible AWX/Tower Repo refresh diagnosis

When an embedded Ansible has issue refreshing from the playbook repos (i.e. AWX/Tower cloning a e.g. git repo to retrieve the playbooks), there’s no straightforward way to find out what actually is causing the failure. The following steps will allow you to retrieve the AWX/Tower’s job log for the repo update/cloning.

Obtain embedded AWX/Tower’s admin credential

You’ll need ssh access to the appliance.

  1. ssh into the appliance
  2. type vmdb to switch to the vmdb folder
  3. run bundle exec rails c
  4. In the console, run ManageIQ::Providers::EmbeddedAnsible::AutomationManager.first.authentications.first.userid . This will be the id for the embedded AWX/Tower and should be admin
  5. In the console, run ManageIQ::Providers::EmbeddedAnsible::AutomationManager.first.authentications.first.password . This will be the password for the embedded Tower.

Obtain the repo (or project in AWX/Tower’s terminology) update log

  1. in a browser that have access to the appliance type https://<appliance_ip_or_hostname>/ansibleapi/v1/projects/
  2. when it prompts you for login, use the credentials obtained previously
  3. Now, you can do a search on the page for the repo name that you have question about. In my example, I’m searching for playbook-demo and you should be able to see something like below
  4. Next in brower enter the project update’s link and in my case is https://<appliance_ip>/ansibleapi/v1/projects/7/project_updates/
  5. The log detail is as in this screen shot

Hope this helps!