Embedded Ansible - Can't sign in to awx web interface

Can’t sign in to awx_web interface

MIQ: gaprindashvili-2
Role: Embedded Ansible

awx_web container Url

The Docker log of the awx-web container, the entry when try to authenticate:
[Thu Mar 8 13:26:57 2018] POST /api/login/ => generated 5876 bytes in 121 msecs (HTTP/1.1 401) 8 headers in 370 bytes (1 switches on core 0)

Tried to sign using: admin/smartvm, admin/password, root/smartvm, without success.

This is intended behavior.

Okay so it’s normal.
Thanks for the feedback.

Could you tell me please where i can find the Embedded Ansible jobs logs files?
I looked for /var/lib/awx/job_status on the MIQ appliance and also on both docker containers wax_taks & awx_web but wasn’t able to locate them…