Embedded Ansible in Fine-1

I am trying to add an Embedded Ansible repository via the Configuration options under Automation>Ansible>Repositories, but all the options are disabled stating that the “Embedded Ansible” role is not enabled. I have the option enabled and have restarted the EVM server since, but the options are still grayed out? We don’t have an Ansible tower subscription. What am I missing that I need to get Embedded Ansible to function?

I think this article will be helpful:

Thank you for the reply. In order to follow @fdupont’s procedure, I would need a license for Ansible Tower, which I don’t have. We currently use Ansible by itself to run some tasks via the ansible-playbook command. Is the Embedded Ansible feature available to us without licensing Ansible Tower?

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At this time, the embedded ansible tower, need an Enterprise licence for tower.

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