Embedded Ansible not logging, not running?

It appears that my embedded ansible playbooks are not running.

I turned on the role for Embedded ansible on both of my app servers.

When I check out the troubleshooting chapter in @pemcg’s book, I see notes indicating that Embedded Ansible should be logging in the following places, but I find no such log files:


The chapter also indicates that up to 3 .out files are created in /var/lib/awx/job_status. I find no such dir.

It also suggests that one can check the health of awx (embedded ansible) with the following commands:

irb(main):001:0> EmbeddedAnsible.new.running?
=> true

When I run this command, i get :
NameError (uninitialized constant EmbeddedAnsible)

Clearly something is off.

In Introduction To embedded Ansible it speaks of enabling the server role. That’s all I see to do.

What am I missing?

Hi Michael

Unfortunately those troubleshooting tips apply to the Fine, Gaprindashvili & Hammer releases that used an embedded instance of AWX. With Ivanchuk this has been replaced in favour of using Ansible runner, which has many benefits (including being much faster to pick up and run playbooks).

It does mean however that new troubleshooting steps are needed. The first location to look at to see if anything went wrong is the /tmp directory. You should have one or more /tmp/ansible-runner-git* directories which should contain your checked-out repository playbooks, and there may be one or more /tmp/ansible-runner2020* temporary directories containing the runner metadata. If the playbook has failed then this is a good place to look for troubleshooting. If the playbook ran successfully the directory is removed, although this article shows how to stop these directories being cleaned up, which can be useful for troubleshooting.

Also there should be more written to evm.log now, you might try something like:

grep -i "ansible\|embedded\|runner" evm.log

hope this helps,