Enable NetApp provider

I cant find any documentation on how to add/enable NetApp provider with manageIQ. Can some one point me to one ?

NetApp storage support is currently a tech-preview feature whose development is still considered in progress - as such, no documentation yet exists.

The feature must be enabled. This can be done through advanced configuration. Simply add storage: true under the product section. This will enable the display of the storage tab in the UI. Through this tab, storage providers can be added, enabling the collection of their inventory.

Hey @rpo
Any updates on this?
Is this feature enabled in Capablanca release and can I manage NetApp Storage through ManageIQ?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, it’s not enabled. We need to revisit the implementation of this feature. The current implementation is based on an obsolete version of the NetApp API. It’s not clear when we’ll have the opportunity to identify and address the current issues.

Ok, thanks anyways.

Hi @rpo

sorry to exhume this old post, but has there been any further movement on incorporating a NetApp provider?
I have not been able to find anything after 2015, so I assume its not happening.
If you could confirm either way, that would be handy.

Yep, unfortunately it’s not happening. The current implementation is stale and would have to be rewritten. That undertaking is not in line with our current priorities. Sorry.

OK. Thanks a lot for confirming!

I’m interested to see some progress on this topic, too.
Is there a special place for placing feature request or is this the place to be?