Enable UserInterface ManageIQ

I am using ManageIQ Euwe-server pointing to its internal PostgreSQL database. By mistake, I have disabled User Interface from Server Roles category through ManageIQ GUI. And I lost the ManageIQ screen and it says as “Service Unavailable”.

How do I re-enable ManageIQ GUI? Please let me know the procedure to fix it.


Check this:


I did not try it myself yet.

Hi @Ram,

The simplest way to enable the UI again is to run a Rails console on the desired appliance and use the command below -

bin/rails c

That should enable the UI again.

@Guillermo_Reartes , @gtanzillo

Thanks guys for your prompt response. This helped me to fix the issue.

@Guillermo_Reartes , @gtanzillo

Before reading this article, I was thinking the values would be saved in Server_Roles database table. I have tried changing the values in User_Interface column to 1. But that didnt helped me to fix the issue.

Do you know where these configuration values would be stored exactly?

@Ram Server role assignments are stored in the assigned_server_roles table which is an association table between miq_servers and server_roles.

Hi @Ram
I have this error when try login to UI web. You fixed the issue?

Look this pic:



I think your error is different. What you have is an evm error. You should find more infos in evm.log