Error 403, ADD Providers

Select Infrastructure----Providers----Configuration----add a new infrastructure provider
There shows Error 403

How can I solve it?

Could you provide a bit more information as I was able to press the Add button on this screen without issue? Perhaps the version of the code you are running along with which client OS and browser you are using.

Thank you,

I deploy with the vmware ova file,and after deployed ,The application is running normally
,only add providers or hosts or any others shows Error 403.

Server:ESXi 5.5 update 1
Client OS:Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Browser:IE 9

Thanks for the info, I will try this in IE. If you can recreate this and grab the last transaction in the production.log file, that might help. It “should” have a stack trace, I’m thinking maybe with a routing error message. Hopefully I can recreate as well, but just in case I can’t, the log will help.
Thanks, Dan

I have the log,but I can’t upload.
here is google drive’s address.


Hi @naiteluode, I’ve been trying to reproduce the forbidden errors you’re running into. Unfortunately, I’m not having any luck thus far. Could you let me know what version of ManageIQ you’re running? The information is located under “Configure - About” and should look similar to this:



the version is master.20140812080239_6faf9a3.
maybe the ova file is broken?

I think error 403 is about the network,but there is no firewall and anyothers between manageiq and the client,they are in the same virtual network.
I will download a new ova file ,and try it in another ESXi.

After testing extensively on the same commit and browser I still cannot reproduce the 403 that you’re seeing. I’m also not seeing any suspect code. Have you had a chance to try the new OVA in another ESXi yet?

I tried the new ova in another esxi 5.0,there is no problem with it,and the ova name is different.
And I deploy it in esxi 5.5,Error 403 again.

Apologies for the delay in responding, in searching for some answers here I ended up discovering a number of 403 Forbidden errors and put together a pull request to fix them. I took another look at the log you uploaded and noticed that the only browser type logged was IE8. Is there any chance you were either mistakenly using IE8 or had IE9 running in IE8 rendering mode?