Error connecting with cloud provider vcloud

Hello everyone

I need to show the ManageIQ with VCloud with their graphics. Sadly, I can’t connect to vcloud 5.5 like cloud provider. It always show me after the validation:

“Login failed due to a bad username or password.” but the credentials are corrects.

Does anyone knows when will be the fix or what fix is there right now?

Should I make a configuration previously in manageiq or VCloud? – I can do log in to VCloud using the web.

Please, I need someone help me or answer my question.


Have you followed the documentation?

You will need to get user as user@tenant.

@cankarm Perhaps you can help on this further

Hello @sergio_ocon I followed the guide but I can’t connect to vmware vcloud 5.5 using the admin credentials, I put the same by web and all is fine but using ManageIQ 4.2 it’s not possible.

Does @cankarm help me?

Hi @Jose_Luis_Mantilla,

sorry for a late reply, my notifications were lost somewhere.

Like @sergio_ocon mentioned, you should use your user@tenant for the user-name (where tenant is the name of organisation). Before that you should have a valid user within the valid organisation. The access was not meant to be used for admin account. You can still try it, but probably you will not be able to use the ManageIQ as expected.

Note: the admin is in “system” organisation. Therefore your admin user is admin@system.

Sorry again!