Error "path conflicts with opaque" while setting up RHEV/oVirt Metrics connection

Howdy! I am standing up a brand new instance of ManageIQ Kasparov and attempting to connect it to a brand new instance of oVirt I can create and connect the infrastructure provider to oVirt and see the clusters, VMs, etc., but when I try to enable the Metrics part, it fails with the error “Validation failed: path conflicts with opaque”


I followed the ManageIQ documentation for creating a DWH user for ManageIQ and granting it the appropriate permissions in the Postgres database, and I can connect to the database using those credentials from my ManageIQ server, so I know the firewall and credentials are correct. I’m at a loss for what could be wrong except for a version mismatch between the version of oVirt I installed and what’s supported by ManageIQ…

ManageIQ Kasparov details:

Diagnostic logs show the same thing, but I can’t attach since I’m a new user…

Appreciate any insight someone might have! I used ManageIQ several years ago in a different role and have come back to it for a new project.

@agrare Have you seen this issue before?

No I haven’t

@sgarrard Please open an issue in GitHub - ManageIQ/manageiq-providers-ovirt: ManageIQ plugin for the oVirt provider. with this information as well as any errors you might find in the evm.log.

Thanks @Fryguy! Will definitely open up an issue. Also going to try with the latest dev version to see if it manifests there, and also maybe with one version back (Jansa).