Error, Triying create the stack with AWS CFN Orhcestration Template


I am trying to create the CFN orchestration template which creates a EC2 instance and the Security group, so created a orchestration template in the MIQ and executed it. AWS is not responding, perhaps the same CFN template is working in the AWS console.

Here are the logs attached
log.tar.xz (505.7 KB)

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From the log I saw

[----] I, [2018-10-17T13:04:20.573829 #1824:ee3130]  INFO -- : Q-task_id([service_template_provision_task_8]) MIQ(MiqEvent#process_evm_event) target = [#<ServiceOrchestration id: 6, name: "CFN EC2 -20181017-130409", description: "", guid: "f1e57fc9-4384-434e-9ec7-52a5a40ea268", type: "ServiceOrchestration", service_template_id: 1, options: {:dialog=>{"dialog_vm_name"=>"sample1"}, :orchestration_stack=>{:name=>nil}, :create_options=>{}}, display: true, created_at: "2018-10-17 17:04:02", updated_at: "2018-10-17 17:04:17", evm_owner_id: 1, miq_group_id: 2, retired: false, retires_on: nil, retirement_warn: nil, retirement_last_warn: nil, retirement_state: nil, retirement_requester: nil, tenant_id: 1, ancestry: nil, initiator: "user">]

The orchestration stack has no name, no create_options. There is no way to actually provision your stack. Did you use a correct dialog that provides a proper name and parameters required by the template?

I would like to know, What all dialog box are required and what are the elements for them?

When you browse the orchestration template, there is a configuration menu. Pulling it down you can see a choice for creating service dialog. You can use the resulting service dialog for the provisioning.