Error with Openshift "undefined method "memory" with one Solution


Yesterday i added an openshift infraestructure to my ManageIQ Capablanca RC2 deploy.

After configuring the openshift’s account like @simon3z explains here and adding the Openshift to ManageIQ i found the following error:

undefined method `memory’ for nil:NilClass

After too much investigation i found the problem.
An openshift’s node offline.

After removing the openshift’s node the problem is gone.

So in case you have this kind of error, check your openshift infraestructure.

Hope this post helps someone in the future.

@pablohalamaj if you still find the exact full error message in the evm.log (full stacktrace) can you open an issue on github?



Issue 5678 open in github ( ).

The full evm.log is about 7MB long, if it’s needed, let me know and i will upload it.