Error with PXE (preseed) and cloudinit


I have an error with cloudinit.

Il deploy a debian with a preseed files(on PXE) it’s OK,
but after the deployement a need to apply customization template (Clout-init) but i have an error.

[----] E, [2016-08-16T14:55:56.612891 #56546:fb197c] ERROR – : Q-task_id([miq_provision_48]) MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Vmware::InfraManager::ProvisionViaPxe#provision_error) [[NoMethodError]: undefined method `create_files_on_server’ for #CustomizationTemplateCloudInit:0x000000105152d8] encountered during phase [create_pxe_configuration_file]

[----] E, [2016-08-16T14:55:56.612981 #56546:fb197c] ERROR – : Q-task_id([miq_provision_48]) /opt/rubies/ruby-2.2.5/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/activemodel-5.0.0.rc2/lib/active_model/attribute_methods.rb:433:in `method_missing’

[----] E, [2016-08-16T14:56:26.788987 #50750:fb197c] ERROR – : Q-task_id([miq_provision_48]) MIQ(MiqAeEngine.deliver) Error delivering {“request”=>“vm_provision”} for object [ManageIQ::Providers::Vmware::InfraManager::ProvisionViaPxe.48] with state [CheckProvisioned] to Automate:

Can you help me please?

Best regards

@carbonin can your review this question from @jdovillez and forward to a SME if necessary.

I think this is a provisioning issue @bdunne will likely know more.

Hi @jdovillez,

What version are you using?
There should be a stack trace in the evm.log associated with this error. Can you provide that?
Is there a PXE server and PXE image selected in the dialog?
How are you selecting the CloudInit script to apply? When PXE provisioning on Vmware I only see the “Customization Template” box (which allows you to select your kickstart / preseed) in the dialog.


Hi all,

I use last draga stable version.
I have progress in the probleme.

The deployement with PXE with kickstart on Ubuntu, centos rhel… but is not OK in debian (only use preseed file) (pxe option il not ks= but preseed/file=)

It’s possible add new type (clout-init, kickstart and preseed )?

Best regards

ps :
In customization template with vmware template we are not Ip configuration
but in vmware i have this option.


Il have add a script on PXE server for convert the file.

It’s ok :slight_smile: