Error with SSA on RHEV VM on NFS

I installed ManageIQ on RHEV and SmartState Analysis fails with the following message:

[----] E, [2015-03-07T07:38:17.754029 #2767:1251808] ERROR -- : Q-task_id([ca567ff4-c49c-11e4-8b25-001a4a4c4604]) Error Trace: [No such file or directory - /mnt/vm/ca567ff4-c49c-11e4-8b25-001a4a4c4604/rhev/data-center/00000002-0002-0002-0002-000000000010/mastersd/master/vms/0333ec6a-0c6a-4722-bb31-27282fa0276b/0333ec6a-0c6a-4722-bb31-27282fa0276b.ovf for VM:[/rhev/data-center/00000002-0002-0002-0002-000000000010/mastersd/master/vms/0333ec6a-0c6a-4722-bb31-27282fa0276b/0333ec6a-0c6a-4722-bb31-27282fa0276b.ovf]]

My storage domain type is NFS and I can mount it on my appliance. And I have edited the relationship of the VM to tell MIQ it is itself. Did I miss another step ?

This same symptom/issue is being discussed here as well, for new readers: