Eucalyptus integration

I did some testing with CloudForms earlier this year in our DEV environment and I was able to integrate VMware and AWS into the appliance. Now, the topic has come up again with Management to start doing our investigation of ManageIQ as the open-source solution. I have not seen anything, nor did I get CloudForms, to integrate with our Eucalyptus environment and was curious if it is even possible? Has anyone had any luck with this? Has anyone even attempted it since Eucalyptus is still a fairly small product and not deployed in many places?

Thanks for any response in advance!


One of Euca’s features is its compatibility with AWS APIs. I would try that first. There is a topic on this forum around making it easier to add providers to ManageIQ, such as Euca, and I would support the effort to make Euca a supported platform/provider.

Any chance you can make it to our design summit on Oct. 7 and 8?

Ok, sounds like the reasonable place to begin. I will definitely keep you updated with any success. I will not be able to attend the summit unfortunately.