Euwe LDAP settings error on validation with: Authentication Ldaps: undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass

I am configuring a test machine that is using the latest Euwe GA release. We have a previous Darga-4 install that is running fine and I am literally copying and pasting the values from the Darga to the Euwe version. I have confirmed that I have the correct password in place on the Euwe version and we’re searching from the Top Level of the domain on both. Darga validates with no issue: LDAP Settings validation was successful. Euwe does not validate and returns Authentication Ldaps: undefined method each' for nil:NilClass. I have turned up logging level to debug on Euwe and there is no difference in the result, nor is there any additional output in the evm.log: MIQ(ops_controller-settings_update): Authentication Ldaps: undefined methodeach’ for nil:NilClass.

Result is the same with LDAP/LDAPS and with both boxes I can telnet to the DC on 386 and 636 and receive connected.

For giggles, I saved off the miq_ldap.rb file from Euwe and copied over the miq_ldap.rb file from Darga, restarted and that resolved the issue for verification; however, I cannot add ldap users to a group, as it returns: MIQ(ops_controller-rbac_group_user_lookup): Error during ‘LDAP Group Look Up’: Unable to find user *** (took out actual user name) in directory.

We are trying to use SAM Account Name for authentication.

I am reporting to make you aware and would be looking for correction to the miq_ldap.rb file.

Hi @llhomme388 can you open this issue as a bug here:
This will get the issue you describe assigned to a developer.

Just did - Thanks