EVM processes not starting in vmware appliance for botvinnik rc1

I just deployed the Botvinnik rc1 vmware appliance and I am seeing an issue where the evm processes are not starting. I see the following error in the appliance.log file:

db_host_type_database: Failed to detect some/all DB configuration

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

There’s more in the same log file:

Error:  "[WARNING] Please install gem 'therubyracer' to use Less.

The same error occurs when trying to run rake evm:status from the command line.

What I ended up doing was moving the gem 'therubyracer' line out of the following unless block in Gemfile:

    gem 'therubyracer'

And then running bundle install

That resolved the gem issue but presented a different database error, which was resolved by running rake evm:db:reset and then rake evm:start

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Thanks! Good find @stacybrock.

This has been fixed here post botvinnik rc1

Here’s what’s been changed since the rc1 tag

We should cherry-pick major annoying bugs like this to the botvinnik branch. Do we have thoughts on how to “vote”/determine what should be fixed on botvinnik without destabilizing by bringing over everything?

Right - we probably need to spin up an RC2 this coming week.

Generally speaking, if you find an outright bug, it’s good form to backport the fix to the release branch - assuming it’s that easy.

So who wants to volunteer to compile a list of post-RC1 fixes?

Same happens on the MIQ appliance running on RHEV/oVirt.

We need to re-spin this soon. @loicavenel @jprause - can you guys help?

@johnmark - We are working on getting the issues resolved, and a respin. Will also run a smoke test to make sure we’ve resolved the apparent issues.

Will let everyone know when we have a respin ready.

Thanks, @jprause . Appreciate your attention to this matter.

Thanks all. The rubyracer issue fix was backported and then, in testing the appliance that was built, we found a problem with the iptables/firewall setup. We’ve fixed that on master and also backported. I’ve cut the botvinnik-1-rc2 tag, and a new appliance build is in progress.

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@johnmark @loicavenel

botvinnik-1-rc2 build has completed and the files have been uploaded:

manageiq-openstack-botvinnik-1-rc2.qc2 1G 2015-04-09 20:14:39
manageiq-ovirt-botvinnik-1-rc2.ova 1G 2015-04-09 20:09:58
manageiq-vsphere-botvinnik-1-rc2.ova 1G 2015-04-09 20:19:54

I also ran a quick smoke test on the vsphere build and it looks good so far.

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Awesome - thanks, guys!

@jprause just ran couple of test on vmware… so far so good… Thanks John

I can also confirm that this issue is resolved in RC2. Thanks!

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