Execute a report via api and get the PDF/CSV results file instead of the json


I am using python 2.x, i created a small program that executes a report and then gets the results.
The issue is that i do not see the attribute that points to the pdf/csv/text file result in the response.



Hi @Guillermo_Reartes, are you looking to have the reports that are generated be exported in one of the following formats: pdf, csv, or text (just tying to make sure I understand)

Hi, @jprause

I was looking to execute a report via api, then generate and then to download the report’s results in either csv , pdf or text. While i am no longer trying to do that, i still do want to know if it is possible to do.

Thanks in advance.

Is there a way I could run a query on openstack db and import that as a report in ManageIQ? I do not have the reporting features to grab hypervisor information, and that is needed for our company.

Any advice would be appreciated.





It looks like you question topic is different from this thread’s topic.
I do recommend that you open a new thread.

To create a report, this might be useful: