Existing Azure infrastructure not available - only newly created VMs are shown


I have attached two Azure subscriptions (Australia east) and no pre-existing resources are shown in the cloud instances section, only resources created since I attached the subs.

I can see warn messages in azure.log but they don’t have a message, only like WARN - some rest call to management api and http 200.

Can anyone assist? Happy to post logs if that will help I just don’t know which ones.


Hi Dan,

  • please check which Azure-related workers you have running, either via command line bin/rails evm:status, or in UI <your_host_url>/ops/explorer#diagnostics_workers (“configuration” - “diagnostics” - “workers”)
  • try to set log level to “debug” in server’s settings and check for any informative messages
  • check provider’s last refresh date and status (in provider’s “summary view”)

Thanks for your response!
After looking at the documentation more closely I have determined that I had not given my Azure Service Principal sufficient permissions over the subscription (I had set only reader for testing, not contributor).

The behaviour was a bit unexpected as some resources were appearing in ManageIQ but not all. As an aside, also the logs weren’t super helpful because they just said for example below, which didn’t tell me what was the problem:

ERROR – : RestClient.get “https://management.azure.com/subscriptions/<sub_id>/resourceGroups/Default-ServiceBus-AustraliaEast/providers/Microsoft.Resources/deployments?api-version=2017-08-01”

Thanks again!