Explore Openshift Projects via MIQ Compute > Containers on a tenant bases?

Hello All,

Is there a way/approach to use MIQ and OCP provider to only show the OCP resource on a per Project bases in “Compute > Containers”, sort of mimicking what they would see if they were using the OCP portal, logged in as the relevant project user?

I like Tenants in MIQ, but they work for resources provisioned via MIQ. In this case the idea would be only to establish the OCP provider in MIQ and then have project users log into MIQ to view only their specific ocp projects via the “Compute > Containers” UI.

I guess the question is can the “Compute > Containers” UI be used to only show specific ocp objects. If so one would hopefully use MIQ tenants to scope it. Then find a way to map OCP groups to the MIQ tenants?