Extend MIQ IPAM Feature Set

Cox Automotive (AKA: AutoTrader) would like to provide a discussion on it’s usage of the ManageIQ internal IP Address Management (IPAM) feature. A robust IPAM system if a core component of push-button automation. The current ManageIQ IPAM code has been extended to support many common business needs and is currently being used in Cox Automotive production workflows.

We have extended the current IPAM feature set to include:
• Updated schema to include support for dual NICs and a reservation token
• Implemented a reservation token feature to avoid the race situation of issuing same IP to multiple requests
• Use of tags to acquire and release IPs from correct IPAM
• Code reuse by having all automation workflows call a single method to acquire or release an IP
• Release of IP if automation workflow fails after it has reserved an IP
• Email and log warning messages if IPAM is getting low on IPs
• Email and log error message if IPAM has run out of IPs
• Write IP reservations counts to the automation log which is reportable via Splunk
• Created a tool set to convert IPAM automation XML to a CSV and another script to convert the CSV to a properly formatted MIQ Automation XML file


When will the MIQ IPAM feature set be released to the general community?

We hope to have it available to the community in December.

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Update. We have released the Proteus BlueCat code to the Depot (hhttp://manageiq.org/depot/extension/ipam_bluecat/). The MIQ IPAM enhancements we have done are being refactored due to some of the changes from XML to YAML in the platform which has delayed that release. We are still working on it and hope to have it contributed this summer.


Thanks, guys! That has been pushed to the current depot and should appear in a few minutes.

Edit: And here we are - http://manageiq.org/depot/extension/ipam_bluecat/

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We have released the ManageIQ IPAM extension to the Depot.

“This ManageIQ extension provides everything needed to implement a robust internal IP Address Management (IPAM) system. An IPAM system is a core component of push-button automation. This extension was built to work in a hybrid network ecosystem where some IPs are manually assigned, some are assigned via ManageIQ’s internal IPAM, and other IPs assigned via a commercial IPAM system. This can be used in CloudForms version 2.0+/ManageIQ Anand+ versions.”

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