Extra_vars with Tower Job / Workflow Automate methods

Hi all,

Since Ivanchuk, it is possible to use a two new types of Automate method :

  • Ansible Tower Job Template
  • Ansible Tower Workflow Template

I’d like to use one of those methods to add steps in one of my state machines.

Problem : How to pass extra vars to be used by Tower/AWX ?

In that post, @pemcg says that it is not possible yet : Ansible tower state machine evm options

The solution with manageiq-automate coud works, but it seems a bit to use a call to the workspace to get the variables.

Does someone have any feedback about this types of Automate methods ?

Thanks !

With Ivanchuk we can’t yet pass extra vars as method parameters to the Tower job templates unfortunately, so we’re limited to the running the job template as defined in Tower, with no overrides.

The workaround would be to use the manageiq-automate role from the Tower playbook as you’d noted, or to use an Ansible Tower job template service type and to call this from Ruby or from an instance relationship.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your reply ! I’ll find another way to do what I want ! :wink: