Factory Namespace not found in Automate Explorer


maybe it’s my fault, but the Layout of the Automate Explorer does differ from the Description within the Lifecycle and Automation Guide.

Has there been some kind of redesign? If yes, how do I find the location of eg. “Class: Service-Now” which is mentioned in the guide but not existing the explorer ( I dumped the explorer and could not find anything with grep -r)

best regards,


Hi Klaus,

I apologize for the documentation issue.

We have redesigned the automate model and the Service-Now class is no longer part of the base automate model.
We introduced automate domain support which gives you the ability to layer the automate model in such a way that you could create a custom domain that includes your own Service-Now class. I can provide you with the Service-Now class export if you’re interested.

I’m checking on updated automate documentation and will post it here.



thanks for your response, I had quite a busy week including the attendance of the manageiq summit in mahwah, hence my delayed answer.

If possible I would be interested in receiving the Service-Now class export.