Failed to setup a multi-appliance deployment with capablanca r2


I’m trying to setup a multi-appliance deployment with Capablanca R2, where:

  • one “engine” instance with all the roles, as backend instance. It hosts the database too.
  • one “portal” instance with the UI role only, as frontend instance, where users log i to the self service portal.

I first set up the “engine” appliance, then the “portal” appliance.
Unlike the CloudForms black console, the MIQ black sonsole has no menu to configure an external database. So I change the database from the web console of the “portal” instance, using the menu configure->configuration, then Settings, I select the serveur, then the database tab, where I change to an “external database on anther CFME appliance”, and I point to the “engine” instance.

After the “portal” appliance restart:

  • I see the two servers from the web console of the “engine” appliance
  • But I cannot longer connect to the “portal” web console. The serves is unavailable: the http frontend (ports 80 and 443) runs, but the port 3000 is not bound

I think I miss something !

What is the procedure to deploy a multi-appliance architecture with ManageIQ, as it seems to be different from the CloudForms procedure ?


@dclarizio can you review this question from @waeselyf
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