Feature and Functionality Query

Need to know up to what extent the following things
are doable in CloudForms (underlying hypervisors would be mix of
Hyper-V, VMWare, RHEV).

  1. Traditional Data Center IP Management – “In traditional DC where IPs are VLAN based
    and dedicated per rack, the scenario is to do IP allocations to guest.”
  2. Custom probes for monitoring VM data transfer Volume – “In hosting scenarios, it is necessary to know amount of data transfer done by a Guest over network (bandwidth)”
  3. Guest DISKs online migration to different data stores or clusters – “In maintenance scenario, the Guests disks are moved to a better performance shared storage device”
  4. Policy driven Online Auto Sizing | Online Auto Vertically Scaling Guests
  5. CPU Pin for Guest – “In cases of licensed softwares running inside
    Guest VM, they are usually socket/core based. E.g Oracle Softwares.
    Thus, sometimes it is necessary to dedicated underlying threads to
    Virtual Machines & avoid sharing CPU threads.”