Fields to Refresh not triggering

I’ve deployed several Gapri-1 appliances, and have found that fields to refresh in a service dialog I wrote (attached) doesn’t seem to be working. Tailing evm.log while changing the environment dialog option, I see nothing indicating that the provider field’s dynamic method is being called.

Also, the environment field seems to be getting sorted despite sort_by being set to none. I didn’t write this yaml myself, I built it in the new dialog editor. Should non be prepended with a :? The other sort_by options seem to be

Has the dialog name format changed in this release, or is there something else I haven’t realized?dialog_export.yml (30.4 KB)

After adding a refresh button to the provider drop down, I noticed that the environment drop down value wasn’t in $evm.root at all. I changed the environment from a drop down to a tag control, and everything started working. I realize now this is probably intended behavior for dialog fields named tag_whatever

So, this issue persists with the provider field. It loads dynamically depending on changes from the environment tag control, but after loading changing the provider field does not trigger fields further down in the dialog

Appears to be resolved by this open PR