Finding PRs to Review

Hey devs,

With so many repos out there, one of the things I tend to run into is remembering if I’ve checked all the repos for PRs that are waiting for my review or for me to merge.

I put together a shell script to help. And, thought I’d share it.

Running it looks like:

$ review-prs 
As assignee: manageiq (   utf8=✓&q=is:open+is:pr+assignee:blomquisg+-label:wip+-label:unmergeable)
As review-requested: manageiq (✓&q=is:open+is:pr+review-requested:blomquisg+)
     Skipping manageiq-providers-amazon for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-amazon for review-requested.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-azure for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-azure for review-requested.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-lenovo for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-lenovo for review-requested.
As assignee: manageiq-providers-vmware (✓&q=is:open+is:pr+assignee:blomquisg+-label:wip+-label:unmergeable)
     Skipping manageiq-providers-vmware for review-requested.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-openstack for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-openstack for review-requested.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-ovirt for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-ovirt for review-requested.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-hawkular for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-hawkular for review-requested.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-kubernetes for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-kubernetes for review-requested.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-openshift for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-providers-openshift for review-requested.
     Skipping manageiq-gems-pending for assignee.
     Skipping manageiq-gems-pending for review-requested.
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Nice script.

You also might want to look at and