Foreman and OpenStack in ManageIQ

I’m using Botvinnik RC3 with OpenStack cloud provider, ESXi infrastructure provider and Foreman. My first question is how can I tie these providers together in ManageIQ and if I need anything else (PXE server, configuration of services in catalog?) for the best results.

Through ManageIQ I can manage OpenStack virtual machines, I can review Foreman configured systems (deployed on OpenStack), etc. How can I provision new Foreman configured system on OpenStack with ManageIQ? When I start configured system request, there are no available choices in configuration profile (Catalog tab in the dialog)? Where this should be configured? Can I add yaml somewhere in ManageIQ?


@gmccullough @bdunne @kbrock - Can you help with this topic?

@cankarm Our initial use case was provisioning of bare-metal machines.

You should be able to select one or several Configured Systems (Foreman bare-metal “hosts”) and provision with a selected Configuration Profile (Foreman hostgroup). If you select multiple Configured Systems, Configuration Profiles will be filtered based on Location, Organization and Architecture to only show what is applicable to all selected Configured Systems.

Provisioning new Configured Systems into virtual providers is planned for the next release.

We are also investigating linking Objects that are represented in multiple providers (a VM that has OS configuration managed by Foreman).

Hope that helps,