Functionality issues

I am not able to get the following functionality out of the software …

Capacity Reports [ This should give info on Nos of VMs more that we can create in the Future based on past trends]
Planning => Under Optimize not working
Bottlenecks , Planning => Under Optimize not working
Catalog . workload, Requests under Services
Self Service , LifeCycle
Control [ What policies are available ]
Under Infrastructure , Virtual Machine Summary , even the VM’s which are now not there are shown
Under Dashboard , How to configure Chargeback
What is the purpose of Timelines under Dashboard
Under Services , how to configure Catalogs , Catalog ItemsUnder Control , What is significance of this option , how to create policies and how to check functionality

Mangrem, it sounds like you don’t have all the Server Roles enabled that you might need (all of those required for Cap & U as well as the Automate Role). If you haven’t already, you should take a look at the Settings and Operations Guide.