GCP connection failure when behind corporate proxy server

When running manageiq from behind a corporate proxy, I can connect to Azure w/o a problem but GCP credential validation fails with " Credential validation was not successful: Timed out stalled task.".

If I run from a docker image off our network GCP validation works and I can see vms in GCP.

Also if I override raw_connect in /opt/manageiq/manageiq-gemset/bundler/gems/manageiq-providers-google-96ab585c4609/app/models/manageiq/providers/google/manager_mixin.rb and set the validation flag to ‘false’ - it works from behind the proxy.

  def verify_credentials(args)
    project = args.dig("project")
    auth_key = args.dig("authentications", "default", "auth_key")
    auth_key = MiqPassword.try_decrypt(auth_key)
    auth_key ||= find(args["id"]).authentication_token('default')
    _log.info("jstinfo: set raw_connect validate to false")
    ##!!raw_connect(project, auth_key, {:service => "compute"}, http_proxy_uri, true)
    !!raw_connect(project, auth_key, {:service => "compute"}, http_proxy_uri, false)

Q: is there another way of overriding the validation flag in GCP connection?

edit: Overriding this does not fix the issue. It appears to connect but GCP inventory is not working.

Resolution: modify /var/www/miq/vmdb/app/models/mixins/verify_credentials_mixin.rb
and override the task timeout.
task_id = MiqTask.generic_action_with_callback(task_opts, queue_opts)
task = MiqTask.wait_for_taskid(task_id, :timeout => 300) ##jst from 30 to 300

note: it seems GCP verify credentials is doing more than test the connection and grabbing a bunch of data.