Generic VM object


I know that MIQ has generic service catalog item and I’m using it to provision an Azure VM with custom automation script.

Is a there a way to create a generic VM object with basic details like hostname, ip address, desc ?

Once I get this generic VM object, I am looking to add a restart button that invokes automation script to restart the VM.

Thanks for any suggestions/approach to get this done

@jayyvis IMO, the azure object itself wont be shown under the service workload view, but you can add buttons to a service that can perform this for you. You would have to keep track of the instances somehow either via a tag of the deployed service or some custom attribute somehow. The end user could theoretically go to the workloads view to select the deployed service in question and then use this new button to perform the task.

Alternatively, you could create a catalog item that uses a generic automation script when executed but you build a service dialog that is comprised of 2 fields.


  1. A dynamic drop down to populate a list instances/objects running in Azure, which requires its own automation script that does a query of all of the running instances in azure and puts them into a hash to populate said drop down
  2. then another drop down/radio button that could provide the action that you want to perform.

Once the user hits submit, these variables can be utilized in the execution automation script to perform said duty specified within.

We have done some similar integrations for some custom AWS integrations outside of the EC2 realm which is already supported out of the box in ManageIQ

Hope this helps

@jsimonelli Thanks a lot for showing me a path. I’ll try out and come back with results.