Get error when adding a new provider

I add an cloud provider successfuly. But when I try to add another, this error appears:

Expected([200,204])<=>Actual(503 service unavailable) excon.error.response:body=>“html h1 Service …”

Any body can help me please?

@lon Please provide more details. Which cloud provider was added successfully? Which failed? Logs are always useful in triaging such an issue.

@chessbyte Thanks.
Both are openstack cloud. I checked the log files in Automate and control tabs, but no any especial thing and no error. Please guide me where and how I can find more details??

Seems like one of your openstack service is down/faulty. When you add an openstack provider to ManageIQ, It first reaches that openstack’s identify service (keystone,) Authenticates with it using the provided user/pass credentials to receive a token and service catalog.

The service catalog contains list of various openstack services (nova,glance,neutron etc) and API endpoints associated with it.

This service catalog is what used by ManageIQ to dynamically discover and perform CRUD operations on the openstack env.

In your case what happening is, keystone successfully provided the service catalog and token, Using that service catalog, ManageIQ started discovering various services and then suddenly found that one of the service’s endpoint is inaccessible. The http request to the API returned 503 (service unavailable) instead of 200/204 (OK) so it aborted the whole inventory collection process.

You have to identify the name of the problematic service for which manageIQ is getting 503 and fix its access problem at openstack side to successfully add your second cloud provider

To determine that faulty service . The easiest way is enabling debug logging. How? See below:

In the ManageIQ UI go to configure/configuration/, Select the appliance and go to Advanced tab. Find the following line and make the change bellow.

level_fog: info


level_fog: debug

Save it, Allow a few minutes to pass and then issue a refresh relationships and power states for the problematic openstack env.

The debug output will help you to findout the problematic openstack service. Integration logs for Openstack provider are recorded in /var/www/miq/vmdb/log/fog.log file. Analyse this log file, Findout that service name, Turn to your openstack env and fix its access problem. Once done, You should be able to add your second cloud provider.

Prasad Mukhedkar

Thank you so much.