Git-isms (via Conrad Irwin)

I find that I use a few extra git tidbits all the time, and figured it was time to share.

A while back, @Fryguy or @jrafanie (I can’t remember which, to be honest) showed me a collection of cool git-isms collected by Conrad Irwin.

Personally, I use git pause and git resume all the time. But, there are several others in his wip directory.

Take a look and see what’s useful.


I nerd out on Git configuration and customization, so I’ll add a shameless plug:

If you’re interested in this sort of stuff you might find my “Git Unleashed” talk helpful. I sadly don’t have a video but the slides are straightforward and have all the goodies you want to see and copy anyway:

Also, I haven’t looked at them very closely but Mislav Marohnić has some goodies in his dotfiles that I’ve been meaning to look in to.