Global MIQ Services crashes when Remote MIQ not reacheable via network

I consider this a major BUG as the global MIQ does crash with “Proxy Error” with Reason: Error reading from remote server.

Test executed.

Environment with a global server “miq-88a” and a remote server “miq-02a” where each reagion only has one appliance running all server roles. Many tests executed between the 2 regions to prove MIQ functions/features, then we wanted to test behavior in case network connectivity was lost between the Regions (i.e. data centers).

Problem situation: Cut network connection, restart MIQ-88a => MIQ-88a does not want to restart and throws athe proxy error afore mentionned.

It seems that the miq thread performing database replication is causing a blocking situation. This is not an acceptable situation for an organization using the multi region MIQ architecture.