Got stuck with vm name

I have added a openstack provider, and able to provision vm also.
Now i am trying to edit the vm name where i am able to add prefix and suffix, after which i should get the vm name as say: ‘rhelos090.openstacklocal’

But instead i m getting vm name like: ‘rhel001.openstacklocal0001’ and next again when i am provisioning the vm, the vm is getting provisioned with vm name like : rhelos091.openstacklocal0001.

Here ‘0001’ is getting appended all the time. So could any one please help in understanding or resolving the issue.

Hi Sunny

Can you describe what changes you’ve made to customise the naming? Have you edited the naming method, or are you specifying new or different instance variables to the default naming instance?


Thanks Pemcg for the reply.

After little debug i was able to solve the issue.

Just for the info I added below line of code where i am making the miq_force_unique_name to false, the new vm name is coming as per the expectation, now ‘0001’ is not getting append in the new provisioned vm name anymore

" $evm.root[‘miq_provision’].set_option(:miq_force_unique_name, false) "
in /cloud/provisioning/naming/default .