Group creating with filters


Example from documentation

  "description" : "sample_group",
  "role" : { "id" : "2" },
  "tenant" : { "href" : "http://localhost:3000/api/tenants/1" },
  "filters" : {
    "belongsto" : [ "/managed/area/1", "/managed/area/2" ],
    "managed" : [[ "/managed/infra/1", "/managed/infra/2" ]]

I don’t understand where should I get the values for “belongsto”. Can someone help me?
For example, I need all the templates to be selected. (screenshot attached)

If you just want to create the group, you can just omit the filters. We don’t use filters and use the RBAC visibility tags instead

If you need to specify the filter, there is mor documentation in the appendices, but how it works is still beyond me:

I need to implement the choice as in the screenshot above, only through api.