HA installation : additionnal appliance doesn't appear


I try to add an additional ManageIQ appliance following this guide https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq_docs/blob/master/doc-High_Availability_Guide/topics/Installation.adoc#installing-additional-product-title_short-appliances for improve an existing appliance that run as “all-in” appliance (Appliance + Database). After the configuration of the additional appliance, I was expecting to see my second server in the “Configuration” menu of my ManageIQ, but I only see one server with its “Basic Information” erase by my new additional appliance informations. If I try to add a second additional MIQ I have the same behavior : I see only one server in the UI and the Informations are erase by the last configured appliance.
I’ve probably miss something but I unfortunnally didn’t find what.

My appliances are based on fine-3 AMI.

Thanks in advance.