Having an issue in getting correct IP to windows VM before calling Ansible Playbook

We are trying to automate the VM provision with Windows OS, assign some IP from the dialog then trying to install a software on it. We do it by creating a bundle of the ESxi VM provisioning item plus the Ansible Tower item to install the software.

The VM get created and it get assigned some random IP as part of the VM customization in vSphere and finally the IP passed from the dialog is getting assigned to the VM.

The problem what we are into is, the VM get created and it acquires and releases IP a few times till it finally assigned the required IP. Because of that, the CloudForms provisioning Catalog Item triggers the Ansible Tower catalog item before the VM arrives to a stable state and ansible is not able to properly access the VM.

We tried the same scenario with VRealize and the VM keeps changing IP for a while even there…anyway VRealize is able to detect the final stable state of the VM and we can trigger Ansible Tower when the VM is actually provisioned and it has a stable IP.

Is this know issue either in CF/ManageIQ or vSphere? If not, how to fix?

Can some one help us here?