Having difficulty setting up appliance as standalone database server

Hi Guyz

Sorry I am bit new to ManageIQ. I am trying to do a POC which includes 2 nodes (1 webserver + 1 database server).

I used Vagrant and VirtualBox to depoy two separate machines and trying to setup one of these machines as standalone database server. The release I am onto is ivanchuk-7.

I am following below steps:

  1. Stop EVM process from Appliance Console

  2. Rest Database from 5) Configure Application -> 4) Reset Configured Database

  3. Create Internal database from 5) Configure Application and then option 1.

  4. I fill the database password it asks for and then following output appears

    Activating the configuration using the following settings…
    Host: localhost
    Username: root
    Database: vmdb_production

    An internal database already exists.
    Choose “Reset Configured Database” to reset the existing installation
    Configuration failed

    Press any key to continue.

I can’t get past this error. Please help.

Once you reset the db, remove the external disk used for it and create a new one.