Having trouble getting chargeback to work

I’ve got a project to implement chargeback within our envrionment and it seems like MIQ, which I discovered the other day, might do the job but I’m having trouble getting any data on the report.

Eventually I will add VMware, HyperV and Azure but for now I’m just trying to get VMware working.

I deployed the appliance from the VMware ova template and everything is at the defaults for the moment. I went to Computer > Infrastructure > Providers and added my vcenter server. All the hosts, clusters and vms are now showing in MIQ.

I also went to the top right under the administrator user and selected configuration and enabled all 3 C&U options (initially I only had data collector but I was getting nothing so I added the other two). I wasn’t getting any data so I rebooted the appliance and checked the following morning but nothing.

When I try to run a chargeback report, I get no data and I discovered it’s because there’s no C&U data being retrieved. I thought a fixed value report was also possible but my reports are all empty.

I’m not using any of the automation (just interested in chargeback) but in case it makes a difference, the user I’ve connecting to vmware with just has read only permissions (it has permissions globally so should be able to read everything but just can’t modify; since I’m not looking to use any of the automation options in MIQ I figured this was ok)

Is there something I’m missing to get the reports to work?