Help wanted: how are you using ManageIQ/CloudForms in the public cloud?

Hi all,

this is Geert here, from the CloudForms product team at Red Hat. As part of a routine exercise, we’re trying to understand how our users currently use ManageIQ/CloudForms to manage resources in the public cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP). A better understanding will help us make better decisions regarding features and roadmaps.

We’re particularly interested in what your use cases are (self service, compliance, something completely different), what cloud you use, whether you’re production or not, and anything else you think would be interesting for us to know.

If you’re have some feedback that you’d like to share, please reply to this thread. If you’d like to share this confidentially then you can also email me at



One of the Use Case we have is related to how we can seamlessly move the Workloads between Private and Public Cloud without impacting Business application(means retaining all the downstream network and other configuration), is it possible?