How can I choose what library to use?

I have two versions of azure-armrest installed on my version 5 appliance how can I choose what library to be used by the appliance?

I would assume it will still run the old gem version, because the ManageIQ-Application probably uses bundler to start itself (?). Everything else would probably start with the newer version, because that’s the default behavior of ruby

Why do you need two versions of the gem? Ruby has multiple tools to manage gem dependencies and managing different sets of gems for different applications. If you elaborate more on what you are trying to achieve, it would be easier to give a more concrete answer than this

Hi Buc, I’m new to manageiq and linux as well so if I want to have the manageiq-application just use the new version. Can I safely uninstall the old one?

That’s actually a question on ruby and how ruby manages it’s libraries (gems) and has less to do with Linux or ManageIQ itself.

Since you are only doing a z-version update (0.9.10 -> 0.9.13) a bundle update azure-armrest should do the trick. However you probably want to read up on the bundle-update-command and maybe update the Gemfile.lock too?

Disclaimer: I have not tested it. I just guessing from the bundler documentation