How can I see Azure Utilization?

I registered Azure as a provider, and I want to see the Utilization of Azure VM, but it is shown in the picture below.

Do I have the permissions I need to set up in the Azure portal??
(I checked C&U, Capacity & Utilization Coordinator, Capacity & Utilization Data Collector, Capacity & Utilization Data Processor enable)

Hey @Sso one thing that always trips me up is you have to enable Microsoft.Insights Resource Provider in your subscription otherwise the API for us to request utilization isn’t available.

Thanks for the reply.

But I have a few more questions.

Is the picture below the Insights Resource Provider you mentioned right??

I’m not sure, so can you explain it in more detail?

az provider show -n Microsoft.Insights -o table

We should add this to the docs I don’t know why its not there.


I did what you told me, but I still can’t see the utilization…

  1. capacity enable


  1. Resouece Provider

Is there anything else I need to do other than two of these?

That should be it, the metrics collection is scheduled so it can take up to an hour to start seeing it.
Do you see anything in the logs from the azure metrics collector worker (errors, warnings, etc…)?

I can’t see utilization even after time…

How can I see the logs from azure metrics collector worker?

Can I check the logs in manageiq ui??

Logs will be in /var/www/miq/vmdb/log/evm.log

You can check if the worker is running by doing vmdb; rake evm:status and looking for an Azure MetricsCollectorWorker