How can I see Azure Utilization?

I registered Azure as a provider, and I want to see the Utilization of Azure VM, but it is shown in the picture below.

Do I have the permissions I need to set up in the Azure portal??
(I checked C&U, Capacity & Utilization Coordinator, Capacity & Utilization Data Collector, Capacity & Utilization Data Processor enable)

Hey @Sso one thing that always trips me up is you have to enable Microsoft.Insights Resource Provider in your subscription otherwise the API for us to request utilization isn’t available.

Thanks for the reply.

But I have a few more questions.

Is the picture below the Insights Resource Provider you mentioned right??

I’m not sure, so can you explain it in more detail?

az provider show -n Microsoft.Insights -o table

We should add this to the docs I don’t know why its not there.


I did what you told me, but I still can’t see the utilization…

  1. capacity enable


  1. Resouece Provider

Is there anything else I need to do other than two of these?

That should be it, the metrics collection is scheduled so it can take up to an hour to start seeing it.
Do you see anything in the logs from the azure metrics collector worker (errors, warnings, etc…)?

I can’t see utilization even after time…

How can I see the logs from azure metrics collector worker?

Can I check the logs in manageiq ui??

Logs will be in /var/www/miq/vmdb/log/evm.log

You can check if the worker is running by doing vmdb; rake evm:status and looking for an Azure MetricsCollectorWorker

After browsing evm.log, I found one error log for Azure.

Do you have any idea how to fix it?

And I am using jansa-2 version, should I use the upgrade version?

Looks like you’re out of memory. Are you using the VM or podified version of ManageIQ?


@sso Did you get this working?
I’m running jansa-3 docker image and I can’t seem to get Azure utilization data either. I have insights enabled in azure but no data nor any apparent errors.

I’m getting utilization data from GCP after enabling gcloud metrics.
I have queried the postgres database via:

$ psql -U postgres
  postgres=# \c vmdb_production
  vmdb_production=# select resource_name from public.metrics_base;

I see the GCP VM that i have created but no Azure VM data.

Finally got Azure utilization data working… although not clear on all the azure steps because I modified so many things. however:

  1. Turn on Azure VM diagnostics
  2. Ensure Azure Insights is enabled as noted in thread above.
  3. It appears that some metrics have changed. I received error on metric capture for

Error on metrics:
Per Disk Read Bytes/sec
Per Disk Write Bytes/sec

Valid metrics: Percentage CPU,Network In,Network Out,Disk Read Bytes,Disk Write Bytes,Disk Read Operations/Sec,Disk Write Operations/Sec,CPU Credits Remaining,CPU Credits Consumed,Data Disk Read Bytes/sec,Data Disk Write Bytes/sec,Data Disk Read Operations/Sec,Data Disk Write Operations/Sec,Data Disk Queue Depth,Data Disk Bandwidth Consumed Percentage,Data Disk IOPS Consumed Percentage,Data Disk Target Bandwidth,Data Disk Target IOPS,Data Disk Max Burst Bandwidth,Data Disk Max Burst IOPS,Data Disk Used Burst BPS Credits Percentage,Data Disk Used Burst IO Credits Percentage,OS Disk Read Bytes/sec,OS Disk Write Bytes/sec,OS Disk Read Operations/Sec,OS Disk Write Operations/Sec,OS Disk Queue Depth,OS Disk Bandwidth Consumed Percentage,OS Disk IOPS Consumed Percentage,OS Disk Target Bandwidth,OS Disk Target IOPS,OS Disk Max Burst Bandwidth,OS Disk M* Connection #1 to host left intact
ax Burst IOPS,OS Disk Used Burst BPS Credits Percentage,OS Disk Used Burst IO Credits Percentage,Inbound Flows,Outbound Flows,Inbound Flows Maximum Creation Rate,Outbound Flows Maximum Creation Rate,Premium Data Disk Cache Read Hit,Premium Data Disk Cache Read Miss,Premium OS Disk Cache Read Hit,Premium OS Disk Cache Read Miss,VM Cached Bandwidth Consumed Percentage,VM Cached IOPS Consumed Percentage,VM Uncached Bandwidth Consumed Percentage,VM Uncached IOPS Consumed Percentage,Network In Total,Network Out Total"}

To fix metric capture modify:
Per Disk Read Bytes/sec
Per Disk Write Bytes/sec
to (or something in list above):
OS Disk Read Bytes/sec
OS Disk Write Bytes/sec

Also see: ze github pull request

the utilization button still disabled :confused: ,
I have enabled the C&U role and C&U region. I add the diagnostic setting on my azure VM but can’t see the metric,
Note : I’m using manageiq_kasparov-1 on docker.
BTW : the timeline event work perfectly
any help ?

Did you look at metrics_capture.rb? If it has “Per Disk Read Bytes/sec” then the whole thing fails. Also ensure that your service principal has access to Insights and Metrics - not sure that it as permissions by default or not.