How do I activate the new UI?


I have seen in a few presentations and videos [1] a nice WebUI, but I can’t seem to enable it on git pulled ManageIQ. How is enabled ?

@fdupont , if you are referring to the new container management dashboards, the video you linked to is showing a dynamic prototype , while the actual implementation is currently in progress and the relevant PR is here:
The other part of the new Web UI is the topology view, and it is already part of the upstream master and can be used, though more enhancements are about to be added.
Both the topology and the dashboard are sub tabs in the new Containers tab that is available out of the box in the latest upstream master.
Please let me know if it answers your question.
cc @zeari

Thanks @abonas.

I thought that the layout of the container page was also used for other pages, like virtualization and cloud. The dashboard widgets look more “modern” and I thought that it was the global new look and feel…