How do i provisioning from a Windows template but with different SID?

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I have made in CloudForms many templates from WIndows media, but recently, i found that if i try to make a forest in AD or working with the windows servers same template i can’t log-in with domain credentials. Searching in Microsoft and another webs, i have found that the problem is de SID of the Windows Server (are the same). So i have took one of this template and i have made a “sysprep /generalize” and then i have changed this VM to template again. The problem is that if i try to create new VMs from this template the wizard appears and ask me 3 things: language, license agreement and change admin password. How can i use a sysprep file to automate the last process to not interact with VMware (or whatever hypervisor)?What have i need to make a sysprep file of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012?


In the past, I’ve found this article very helpful:
Skip to the second section: Creating a Cloned Server

@jprause Thanks for your reply. The sysprep is working fine, but i need to in put manually this values:

Set the lenguage of my system and keyboard.
Accept the license agreement.
Change the administrator password.

How can i automate this process in Cloudforms to use them in a service catalog deployment?


@DanielBello If you’re deploying to a VMware vSphere provider you can use a VMware Customization Spec.

After the spec is created you will need to “Refresh Relationships and Power States” on your provider in Compute > Infrastructure > Providers. This action will allow CloudForms to pick up the specs.

Then, if you’re provisioning from Compute > Infrastructure > Virtual Machines > Lifecycle > Provision VM you can select your Custom Spec by going to the Customize tab and selecting “Specification” from the drop down.

Also, we currently do not sysprep our images that we deploy with a custom spec since it handles SID randomization for us.

Hope this helps!



Hi @nmaludy

Thanks for your help. I have made the spec file. But when i try to provisioning from “Compute > Infrastructure > Virtual Machines > Lifecycle > Provision VM” and the VM is “power on” the spec file is not use, and i stay in the same part of installation, where i have to select the next values about:

  • Put lenguage for the system and keyboard.
  • Accept the licensing terms.
  • Change administrator password.

My provisioning use templates of Windows servers, with the sysprep option and generalize (OOBE). Maybe this option is no right for using spec file?


I’ve never used a Sysprepped Windows Template with a Custom Spec.

I’d try using a normal Windows Template with the Custom Spec first.

Also, you can try this from VMware directly to see if it will work.

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May i ask what is a “normal template”? At this moment all my templates are a VM turned to template, i mean, i have installed the SO and then i have turned it to template. Is there another way to give to Cloudforms the SO Template for provisioning?

Hi i’m trying to deploy a windows template with a specification
in fase of deploying i have this error…

Server [EVM] Service [test] Step [checkprovisioned] Status [Creating Service] Message [VM Provisioning initiated] Current Retry Number [2]

I give up with this option. So i have activated the VMRC connection to the Vm and then continue the installation of a Windows VM.


Again i need help with this item. I have tried again with the sysprep answer file using the “Customization Specifications Manager” from VMWare and is load ok, but i still getting that the sysprep file is not used by the provisioning proccess. Any ideas how to force to CloudForms use the sysprep file?

PD1: The proccess is using a template from VMware.
PD2: If i generate a new VM from the same template using VMware + the specification file, the proccess stays in the same status and the specification file is not used, so the problem is with the specification file or the templete? Should i enable something in the template?