How do I remove dead EVM server from ManageIQ?

I have added a second EVM appliance to a zone by pointing it’s database to be on first appliance. Second appliance died and no longer exists. How do I remove it from ManageIQ?

Thank you!

In the version I am on you:

  1. Navigate to Configure | Configuration | Diagnostics
  2. Select the zone the server is in.
  3. Select Configuration and Delete Server xxxxxxx

Thank you very much ewannema,
It works.

Have you came across this issue? Say I want to delete Server: rhv2, but Configuration displays only first EVM server

After selecting the Zone (like shown in your screenshot) you will see on the right list of the appliances, select the EVM server you want to remove, and then click on ‘configuration’ (like in the screenshot) then you will see it was updated to the selected EVM.

Bug is being worked upon