How do I schedule smartstate analysis runs?


If I have understood correctly, smartstate analysis needs to run periodically to be able to make predictions and show trend data. But, I have not been able to figure out how to schedule it. Am a missing something in the docs?


Hi, Andreas,

Is your question specifically about setting up a schedule to run Smartstate, or more about how to run it at all?


Well, I’m not getting any data at all, so I guessed it had to be run a few times and the data entered in the db before you could get stats out. But, if there’s a step by step routine for how to set ip up, including a schedule if that’s needed, I’m very interested in that.

I might add that enabling the three roles I have already done, as that is all over the net, but then something is missing. I can see that as I click around it seem like vmware is taking snapshots, so something is happening.

I assume you have the VDDK installed on the appliance appropriately. I believe that is in the docs.
Can you tell me what version of the VDDK you’re running?
And the SmartProxy and Smartstate Analysis roles, as you said. And no, you shouldn’t have to run it more than once.
Also you mentioned VMware taking snapshots, so it sounds like it is in fact starting. Are you seeing any errors in the logs? Another assumption based on what you’re saying is that you’re trying to run SSA on VMware VMs (not hosts).

I have VMware-vix-disklib-6.0.2-3566099.x86_64.tar.gz installed on the appliance, and 6.0 or 6.5 is the versions of the ESXi hosts.

I see absolutely crazy amount of data in the evm.log but nothing that looks like errors, and yes I have running SSA om VMs and I can see snapshots being taken and then removed.

But, even after that it still say “No capacity & utilization data has been collected” when I select one of those VMs and select Monitoring. Also, selecting Rightsize analysis it shows no data, and the “Normal Operating Ranges (over 30 days)” widget contains no data.

Am I missing something? The docs in the quickstart references General Configuration for setup of C&U but I find no such section. But, from your answers it sounds like I’ve done it all!

SmartState Analysis and C&U are different things. You don’t need SSA running to get Rightsize analysis or Normal Operating Range data, that comes purely from C&U.

So it sounds like your C&U isn’t working. Checkout this chapter: for some troubleshooting tips, but how many VMs do you have managed by your vCenter, and how many CFME or MIQ appliances do you have? It may just be a question of scaling your C&U collectors.

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