How do you remove auto-approval on instance provisioning

I want all instance provisioning requests to go to the approval process even on single instance count. How do I do this?


For Service Provisioning :

Set service approval from ‘auto’ to ‘manual’
in Service/Provisioning/StateMachines/ServiceProvisionRequestApproval/default

For Cloud Provisioning:

Set max_vms from ‘1’ to ‘0’
in / ManageIQ / Cloud / VM / Provisioning / StateMachines / ProvisionRequestApproval / Default

For Infrastructure Provisioning:

Set max_vms from ‘1’ to ‘0’
/ ManageIQ / Infrastructure / VM / Provisioning / StateMachines / ProvisionRequestApproval / Default

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I found a problem with Cloud Provisioning and Infrastructure Provisioning when I tested it.
I am going to open a ticket and fix this so that a value of 0 will work.

Let me know if you need a workaround.


Excuse my ignorance. Is this via CLI? or on the dashboard?


I tested with zero and it didn’t work so use -1 instead.

Set max_vms from ‘1’ to ‘-1’

You make the change in the UI. I have included a screenshot.



Thanks, will check this out later. Will give feedback once i tested it.

how do I unlock this?

You’ll want to create your own domain and copy what you want to modify up to it. Automate looks for things from the top domain down so it’ll pickup whatever changes you make in the local/custom domain. RedHat and ManageIQ should be left locked. This way all changes are easy to find and are not overwritten by updates etc.

See here for info on creating a domain:


I get it now, so i’ll just copy what’s on ManageIQ, the one that I need to modify then recreate that on a new domain.

I would like to thank wfitzger and jcutter for the help. The solution you guys have shared with me worked. :slight_smile: