How does CatalogItemInitialization work?

I’m brand new to MIQ. I just discovered that the entry point for a catalog item takes me to CatalogItemInitialization, which is a big table with unfamiliar-looking content. See screenshot below:

How does this work? I’m guessing we have some code executed before the UI is loaded and some that is executed afterwards? Is that how I should read this?

I haven’t found anything in the docs that addresses this specifically, although my search terms might not be right. Thanks if you have any pointers!

@tinaafitz Can you help out here?

Thanks @Fryguy. I got started looking at the entry point bc I noticed that the options in a drop down in one of the service dialogues needed to be edited. The ruby script it called appeared to be correct, so I wondered if there was some other pre-execution code.

It’s a bit out of date now, but this chapter discusses these service provision state machines:

Hope this helps,

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Thanks @pemcg ! This book looks perfect for this and other questions.

There’s an addendum covering new Automate features in CloudForms 4.6 & ManageIQ Fine & Gaprindashvili here

THANKS @pemcg.